About Us

The Village Panchayat of Collem-Sigao is situated in the Dharbandora Taluka of South Goa District. It has a population of 7010 (APPROX.), with_3610 _ males and 3400_ female population with SC population 91 , S.T population 460, O.B.C population 1900 and General 4559 (approximate).The Panchayat consists of 9 wards and has 09 elected representatives.  (Male 06, Female 03). There are 1500 households .

The Panchayat has 10 primary schools, there are 08 AWC , there is one Rural Medical Dispensary. The distance between the RMD and the Panchayat is 0 Km, the distance between the main hospital and the Panchayat is 15 Kms. The major source of income for the Panchayat is the house tax, life jacket fees, other fees, building rent and grant –in- aid and other grants.